Used Audi A7 For Sale – Second Hand Audi A7

We always have a selection of used Audi A7 for sale at our North Lincolnshire showrooms, for delivery anywhere in the UK. the highly desirable Audi A7 – sometimes known as the Sportback is a mid sized executive / sports car in the luxury sector and has been in production by Audi since 2010. A 5 door hatchback with stylish frameless windows and a steeply used audi a7 for salesloped back door giving boot access creates a highly desirable sporty appearance that has made this such a popular Audi model.

Using aluminium for most of its body structure the Audi A7 is based on the Audi A6 drivetrain and chassis. With a more sporting outlook than the slightly more reserved Audi A6, the used Audi A6 has won over many fans and followers. The very latest version offers 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds.

The overtly sporty Audi S7 is a 3.0 litre bi-turbo engined 4wd car with a blistering 0-60 time of just 4.7 seconds, a real supercar challenger and the ideal trans-continental express. The A7 comes with a 2.8 engine giving a 0-60 sprint of just over 8 seconds.

Selecting A Used Audi A7 For Sale

Choosing a second hand Audi A7 can be a daunting task for the inexperienced car buyer. Not because there is anything inherently wrong with a used Audi A7 but some may have been driven in a more spirited manner than others. the usual rules apply when choosing a second hand A7, namely:

  • Number of owners
  • Service History
  • Bodywork condition
  • Interior condition – check for any scuffs in the leather interior for example

You will find a number of used Audi A7 for sale throughout the UK but it is advised to trust a used Audi specialist that fully understands the marque and has a number of models available with a range of ages, mileages and of course prices. Take a look at our used Audi A7 stock and see for yourself.

Ingolstadt responded to the introduction of their CLS with the A7 Sportback. A large car with curvy lines and styling that belied its size. Great depth of design, refinement and attention to detail that have become trademarks of Audi, the A7 3.0 petrol. 4.0 petrol, 3.0 diesel, SE, S line, S7, RS7 and Black Edition have become firm favourites with used car buy used audi a7 ukbuyers in the UK.  Practicality and style have won over many admirers to the Audi Marque, with ample cabin room for 4 adults and a huge luggage capacity when the rear seats are folded. With a used Audi SE and Audi S Line you get Xenon headlights, full leather trim, cruise control, heated seats, Sat Nav, bluetooth, a DAB digital radio and electric tailgates. A class act that can be bought for the price of a Ford Focus is how the RAC describe a used Audi A7

What To Look For When Buying A Second Hand Audi A7

Great news, corrosion is simply not an issue which is one of the many reasons why resale value is so high. As with any car look for a full service history and check out uneven tyre wear, particularly on the S models. Body work and damaged alloys are obvious areas where you also need to pay attention.

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