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Second Hand Audis For Sale UK

We specialise in second hand Audis for sale across the whole of the UK. Covering the entire range, we have different examples of most models always in stock, with varying mileages, ages and prices to suit everyone. Second hand Audi A3, A4 and A6 are popular models, as is a used Audi TT,  which are now highly affordable for the earlier models. Sporty and stylish, the Tt represents fantastic value for money as well as an exciting driving experience and head turning motoring. 

With one of the largest and most exciting range of cars for sale today, HERE are 15 great reasons to consider buying a second hand Audi

So Why Buy A Second Hand Audi?

Built at the Audi factory on the banks of the Danube River at Ingolstadt, Audi was involved in car manufacture at the turn of the century. A brand built on technology, four wheel drive, beautifully crafted interiors and some exquisite styling, Audi is now owned by the VAG Group.

Audi Model Nomenclature

Audi base their saloon, coupe and hatchbacks on the prefix letter A, hence Audi A3, A5 etc. The sportier performance versions are prefixed with the letter S. The Sports Utility Vehicles carry the Q naming and Audi estates are known as Avants. R or RS is the prefix used for the high performance range of Audi cars and the only model in the range to buck this trend is the Audi TT coupe which sits pretty much alone in the range. 

Audi Interiors - Trim Levels

Entry level Audis carry the SE naming, whilst the mid range Audi's are called sport. The ultimate trim level for Audi is the S Line range. Audi cockpits are renowned for their high quality materials, sympathetically blended together to create a lovely place to be. Leather and why you should buy a second hand Audi carhigh quality plastics work well together in used Audi cars and Audi owners appreciate the attention to detail and highest quality combined with class leading ergonomics along with intuitive driver controls and aids. Quiet and calming, with perhaps not quite the overtly firmer ride and sportier nature that has been adopted by BMW, Audi drivers enjoy comfort, style and a calming ambience injected with high technology when needed. Quiet and comfortable - unless of course you are buying the overtly sportier models such as the Audi R8 and the RS6, ride quality is exemplary and most UK B-road potholes are handled and absorbed well. Such is the quality of build that a used Audi will maintain this high standard over many years,  second hand Audi cars rarely suffering from a tired suspension feel or noises associated with higher mileage cars of lower build quality. 

Second Hand Audi and Four Wheel Drive

Quattro is the word - Audi lovers have strong memories of the rally cars of the 1980'2, the all conquering Audi Quattro Sport which changed the face of rallying forever. 


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