Celebs who drive Audis

Not surprisingly there are a number of high profile celebrities driving Audis – many of them by choice not sponsorship.

Topping the list is most likely the British Royal Family who have favoured Audis for many years. Almost every immediate audi celebritiesmember of the Royal Family has an Audi, including Prince Charles who has owned an Audi A6 and an Audi A8.


Hollywood golden couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell enjoyed Audi ownership with their classy Audi A8, and amongst other A Listers who have chosen the Audi brand are Elijah Wood and Ben Afflek.

audi ownershipSuperstar footballer David Beckham has enjoyed a long relationship with the Audi brand, ranging from an Audi A4, a Q7 and an Audi S8.

Mr James Bond himself actor Daniel Craig has an affinity with the Audi brand, having owned an SUV and an Audi S6 then more recently an R8 – competition for the Aston Mr Bond?

audi r8

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